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Small Batch Fabrics are Here!

I am so very excited to share news of our latest addition to the Angela van der Meulen Textile collection. We proudly present our newly launched limited edition textiles, and the first run is available to you on our site.

Screen-printed by hand at a local studio in Luxembourg, this method of printing allows us a new way to be creative, as well as a way to offer you our designs in the variations you want. Custom orders can now easily be accommodated with a quicker turn-around time, in colors of your choosing.

Our first run of the Poppy Garland motif is available in linen and cotton:


Because of the materials we source, we know that our linens drape beautifully and will make lovely pillows or table linens. Our 100% cotton is crisp and durable, especially practical for everyday living.

If you are looking for a beautiful gift for someone or for your own home, look for our pochettes and pillows, as well as totes, all in the shop now.  Visit us and place your order today!

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