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Found objects

Found Objects

Finding beauty in the unexpected

Finding treasures is one of my greatest joys. It adds curious beauty to my interiors, inspires my own design, gives me a finder’s rush and certainly triggers an eye roll when I walk into the house with my latest bounty in tow. Even though my latest find, a bird’s nest (picture here on the left), has not yet made its way into the house, I did manage to place it neatly on a ledge outside my front door.

Whether it is something I discover along the way on one of my morning walks, a steal from one of my favorite Belgian flea markets or an abandon goodie left on the sidewalk; found objects, found treasures, found beauty, all show up in the most unexpected places. It doesn’t have to be the latest interior trend or something ordered from my favorite home store to add tremendously to my surroundings. In fact, something used and previously loved gives me an opportunity to reinterpret it in a fresh way and showcase its intricacies, simplicity, craftsmanship and authentic patina. I have always been a fan of contrast and the juxtaposition of old and new, so I see my finds as a way to illuminate my space and creativity that keeps me hunting for more.

When you go for a walk today, look around and see what treasures you find. If you cannot take it home (I do not want to turn you into a hoarder), take a picture and then, please, share it with me via Instagram, Facebook or leave a comment below. I’d love to see beauty through your eyes.