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A list of favorite things handpicked by-weekly by Angela herself.

Angela’s Picks | August

With a new project at hand, my daughter’s room, and some great inspiration, this is what I am thinking about today:

Favorite Boho-Chic IGer:

SF Girl by Bay, Victoria Smith, rolls out an incredible Instagram feed, blog, Pinterest account and website. Delicious images of all my favorite things and colors, concise copy and excellent referrals are a huge source of inspiration for me since the moment I discovered her prolific site. There is hardly a day that I do not mutually swoon over her discoveries, so it seems logical that I start with her hip and eclectic eye as I venture into the designing, sharing and collaborating with my teenage client.

photo collage credit: sf girl by bay


A Pinterest Pick:

Avenue Design’s Pinterest account and their Avenue Lifestyle Blog are also on my radar. A very recent posting featured a bedroom redo. Their blog does a great job of presenting thoughtful design and giving credit where it is due, exactly what I need living abroad and less familiar with where to find, what I love. The bedroom redo blog actually gave me lighting ideas and I found a second bedroom posting, “fresh and bright”, that fit right into our teenage decoration vision.


photo credit:
photo credit: sf girl by bay



















New Found Resources:

Smallable, La Maison Pernoise + Honoré Croisette

Thanks to a few treasure keepers, Smallable and La Maison Pernoise, I found a chair, a light fixture and some other small furniture that have already been added to the idea board. Smallable has an ever growing and changing array of modern goods for young and old(er). Regardless of your age you will find their choices to be of good quality and a playful spirit.


photo credit couch and featured chair above:


La Maison Pernoise is a concept store that has a carefully curated selection for home and office. Suspensions basket rounds, the Croisette chair, and mango wood bowls, are just a few of the enviable choices.


photo credit: avenue lifestyle


Lastly, Lrnce keeps the mood graphic + soft, Moroccan + modern. Check out this Belgian fashion designer’s gift of restraint.

Angela’s Picks

  • EAT.  Almond flour pancakes.  One morning void of all but a scant cup of flour, I suggested we throw in some unsuccessful almond butter I had attempted to make plus some almond meal. Wow! What a delicious meal and one that is, by the way, unintentionally gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, high in fiber and a high source of protein. We adapted our stand-by favorite recipe by adding 2 cups of almond flour to 1 cup of regular flour, but for a more precise approach try this one and let me know what you think.


  • READ.  I often alternate my reading choices, fiction then non-fiction. Currently, these two titles are gently feeding my curiosity: Gifts of the Crow by John Marzluff and Tony Angell. The other book was given to me by my daughter because I do try to meditate, but really have no idea what I am doing! Let’s hope this helps, You Can Master Meditation by David Fontana.


  • SMELL.  Jasmin scented Serge Lutens, A la Nuit. This I enjoy on the nape of my neck each day and, à la nuit.


  • LISTEN.  My son Nico is my music advisor and gets it right pretty much every time. Hear the depth of Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN and the genius of Anderson .Paak’s mixed style on his latest, MALIBU. Not for the profanity sensitive listener though, be advised.


  • FEEL.  Touched most recently by the soothing words on hope that I have been taking in from my latest Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience, Hope in Uncertain Times. Words to live by (and meditate by if all goes well with my latest book!)

10 Reasons to Love Copenhagen


If you’ve ever been there yourself, it should be no surprise that I love Copenhagen. It is an easy flight northeast from Luxembourg, to a virtual visual junkie’s paradise. Instead of trying to list every last thing I so admire about this city, I thought it might be best to simplify it and give you 10 reasons why Copenhagen has become my Scandinavian darling.

In no particular order:

  1. LIDKOEB. Everything about this place makes me happy. Beautifully designed and decorated in modern Scandi-cool that lacks nothing in the way of warmth, with great music, a tempting selection of cocktails, beer and wine and an outdoor patio. All this tucked away down a little alley in the Vesterbro neighborhood not far from the charming hotel (with an excellent breakfast spread) I stayed in on my first visit to Denmark.


2. EASY RIDERS. Not the motorcycle-mama kind, but the good ‘ole fashioned city biking kind. Rent or borrow from most hotels small or large, it is the best way to see the city. Bike lanes are like mini-highways, orderly and safe, despite the number of fellow riders.


3. ARCHITECTURAL WONDERS. From the simplicity of the gorgeous historic buildings to the sleek, cutting- edge new projects and developments, Danish design prevails. Ride through Christianhavn to Orestad to get a taste of old meets new. We stopped to eat in Christianhavn at 108, a beautifully designed restaurant right down to their bluest of blue, MK Ceramics.
4. LOUISIANA MUSEUM OF MODERN ART. Last I was there, William Kentridge’s exhibit graced their space. You will never regret spending a day at the Louisiana. Here art, architecture and nature envelope you and your senses. Don’t miss the gift shop either, an extensive and exceptional selection for all.


5. THE DESIGN MUSEUM. The chair room here is reason enough to put this top of your list. Design and craft’s biggest names are honored in addition to a fully annotated and illustrated database of all furniture made in Denmark from 1900 and beyond. Worth the follow up, for your own piece of the design action, visit Hay House in the heart of the city.


6. FREDERIKSBERG GARDENS + BOTANICAL GARDENS. The parks of European cities continue to impress me. They are vast, clean, well planned and well used — true escapes in the middle of city life. The Frederiksberg Garden allows for long walks along meandering trails and the Botanical Gardens magically sparkle or glow, day and night, flush with natural inspiration.


7. NORREBRO. A super cool, multi-cultural neighborhood with endless independent shops, brocantes and cafes. Seek and you shall find.


8. INK ON PAPER. While in Norrebro, don’t miss the gallery/print shop CMYKkld. They print and sell graphic works of mostly Danish illustrators and artists. They describe it as “a sort of micro-mass production,” putting art in the hands of, or at least within the reach of, all people. Sounds good to me.


9. PAPER ISLAND. Not long for this world, so go when you can. Located in the beautiful harbor, Papirøen (Paper Island) is a creative commune of Danish delights in the form of showrooms, art and food all at hand in a city island warehouse, formerly used for paper storage. Redevelopment is scheduled for later this year so go peruse the talent of Henrik Vibskov,  grab a dish from one of the many international food stalls or just sit dockside to enjoy the vibe.




10. GOOD FOOD+GOOD JOE. The food revolution has definitely been kind to the Danes and Paper Island isn’t the only place to discover it. Choices abound and creativity is not forgotten. You can get it all, delicious bakeries no exception.  (Meyers Bageri is a personal weakness, I even carried three loaves of bread home in my suitcase after my last visit and stuck them in my freezer to assure nothing went to waste.) Some tried and approved restaurants include, Geist, Pluto, Baest, Falernum, GRØD for porridge and if you like BBQ, WarPigs in the Meatpacking District is casual and affordable.

Coffee is ever important, especially when you travel and Copenhagen does not disappoint in this arena either. There is a good cup to find almost anywhere you turn, the Coffee Collective is a deliciously sure thing and there are lots of indie cafes too. And they’ve got the hygge thing down!