classically modern wallpapers + textiles

Angela van der Meulen Wallcoverings + Textiles are of original, hand-rendered design. All papers are printed by a traditional British wallpaper manufacturer using sustainable forest papers. The high quality flexography method used enhances the integrity of both design and craft, including the subtleties and nuances of ink on paper. All fabric is hand-screened on 100% linen.

designed in Europe

With Luxembourg as a base, inspiration is found in some of the most creative cities in the world. The antiquity and modernity of Copenhagen, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, and places in between, help impart our motifs with the charm of their origins.

What our customers are saying

Angela van der Meulen Wallcoverings papers were wonderful to hang. The seams went together very nicely. The paper was easy to work with. It cuts easily without tearing. And I love the patterns.
Jodi Stoehrmann – Jodi’s Painting and Wallcoverings, Denver, CO

I picked Angela van der Meulen Wallcoverings because my 10 year old daughter fell in love with the Die-cut Flowers pattern. Once I starting poking around on the website, I myself fell in love with Yolanda. I think what appeals to both of us is the fact that the paper is both whimsical and fun, yet classic. My daughter hung her choice in her bedroom and painted and decorated her room around it. I put Yolanda in the hallway connecting my girls’ rooms and I love it every time I walk through.

Cristina – Customer, Boulder, CO

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Poppy Garland White on Navy | Linen |

Small Batch Fabrics are Here!

July 23, 2017

I am so very excited to share news of our latest addition to the Angela van der Meulen Textile collection. We proudly present our newly launched limited edition textiles, and the first run is available to you on our site. Screen-printed by hand at a local studio in Luxembourg, this method of printing… Read more