Angela’s Picks | August

With a new project at hand, my daughter’s room, and some great inspiration, this is what I am thinking about today: Favorite Boho-Chic IGer: SF Girl by Bay, Victoria Smith, rolls out an incredible Instagram feed, blog, Pinterest account and website. Delicious images of all my favorite things and colors, concise copy and excellent referrals are a huge …

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Poppy Garland White on Navy | Linen |

Small Batch Fabrics are Here!

I am so very excited to share news of our latest addition to the Angela van der Meulen Textile collection. We proudly present our newly launched limited edition textiles, and the first run is available to you on our site. Screen-printed by hand at a local studio in Luxembourg, this method of printing allows us a new way …

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Angela’s Picks

EAT.  Almond flour pancakes.  One morning void of all but a scant cup of flour, I suggested we throw in some unsuccessful almond butter I had attempted to make plus some almond meal. Wow! What a delicious meal and one that is, by the way, unintentionally gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, high in fiber and a …

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10 Reasons to Love Copenhagen

10 REASONS If you’ve ever been there yourself, it should be no surprise that I love Copenhagen. It is an easy flight northeast from Luxembourg, to a virtual visual junkie’s paradise. Instead of trying to list every last thing I so admire about this city, I thought it might be best to simplify it and give …

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Found objects

Found Objects

Finding beauty in the unexpected Finding treasures is one of my greatest joys. It adds curious beauty to my interiors, inspires my own design, gives me a finder’s rush and certainly triggers an eye roll when I walk into the house with my latest bounty in tow. Even though my latest find, a bird’s nest (picture …

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See the Light. Be the Light.

Stumbling onto things of beauty is one of my favorite pastimes. I found this lamp and its companion at a flea market. Born in Berlin, these modern beauties are made of ceramic with brass rings at their base and mid-section. The only things needed were new cords and lampshades. This is where my French connection …

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